Online model of Entrepreneurship to withstand pandemics

Meeting date January 1, 1970 1:52 pm
Password: 169367
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Two day workshop (2.5 hours x 2 days) Online model of Entrepreneurship to withstand pandemics as Lovingly and as Selflessly as possible Who conducts it? IT and Business people/angel investors What is different? Online is New Normal So far you were chasing angel investors. Now we bring angel investors to be available with their online infrastructure and portals-They don't like brick and mortar model - They bring their I.T. infrastructure with them. You listen to them. Then Impress them by your understanding and your enthusiastic working model. Bag the total online business that will be suitable to you and grow and part of the revolution. For whom? Entrepreneurial minded small, medium large thinkers on business. Can employed people attend as they want part time business? They can. Is there any age criteria? Not at all. Is there any nationality/residence criteria? No, any one can attend. What is in it Current situation and ideal options are analysed. Expert Training in how to run online businesses. Breakout sessions with group discussions and solution finding. Are there big investments needed? No What kind of commitments needed? Yes we need commitment by you to succeed - it is about quality - not quantity of time or resources - But you need to prove that without doubt.